And Then There Was One

A hilarious farce of the classic Agatha Christie mystery. Ten people are brought together by mysterious invitation to the Reef Mansion on a tiny, isolated island. Not one of them knows host, who is nowhere to be found. Still, he has left an ominous recording that bodes evil for the guests. Like the chocolate soldiers that inexplicably disappear from the mantel one by one, the guests begin to die one by one. Can Inspector Miles, who is also one of the guests, solve this mystery in time? Why are the deceased guests suddenly reappearing? And will the audience die laughing?

Auditions December 4th & 5th at 6:30pm

Young artists in grades six through twelve are welcome to audition for the upcoming production of this farce based on the Agatha Christie classic. There are five parts for girls, and six parts for boys. Auditions will take place at the theatre. Please come with a prepared monologue. Questions? Contact John and Julie Rohlfing at

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Dec 4, 5


Jan 26, 27, 28, Feb 2, 3

Directed By: John Rohlfing
Produced By: TBD

Character / Actor

Albert Prince
Emily Plain
Horatio Miles
Delores Biggs
Presley York
Heather Starlett
Matthew Charisma
Margaret LaRue
The Unseen Host

Backstage Set work





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