Babes in Toyland

Victor Herbert’s classic music sets the stage for a retelling of this favorite Christmas musical. The evil, money-hungry Barnaby plots to murder Tom-Tom, marry Tom’s sweetheart Contrary Mary, and throw Mary’s mother and siblings out of their shoe and into the street – all while trying to banish Christmas and suppress all joy and happiness, except for his own. Mary, Tom-Tom, and other Mother Goose characters brave the dangers of the Spider Forest to seek the help of the legendary Toymaker, who is said to live a magical place called Toyland. But Barnaby and his bumbling minions are right behind them and soon it’s up to our heroes to stop these villains from shutting down Toyland and destroying Christmas.

With lots of roles for adults and children, this show is ideal for families looking to perform onstage together, as well as actors, singers, and dancers who just want to be a part of this holiday extravaganza which includes the timeless songs, “Toyland” and “March of the Toy Soldiers.”

Call for Auditions

Jackson County Community Theatre will hold auditions for their Christmas-season production of Victor Herbert’s classic musical, “Babes in Toyland,” September 25 and 26, from 6:30 to 9:00 pm, at the Brownstown United Methodist Church, 110 N. Poplar Street. Show dates are December 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10. Those trying out should first make sure of their availability on those dates. Rehearsals will begin the first week of October.

This is an updated version by Ken Holamon, with music by Victor Herbert. All of the music and fantasy characters of the classic story are included in this contemporary adaptation: Contrary Mary, Tom-Tom, Little Bo Peep, Boy Blue, and their many friends. As the adventure begins, we find that there may not be Christmas this year! Barnaby, the miser of Mother Goose Village, threatens to foreclose the mortgage on the old woman’s shoe, but her children know what to do. They venture to Toyland to ask the master toymaker for help, because he can do anything! Getting there, however, involves traversing the Haunted Forest, braving giant spiders, and escaping Barnaby’s bumbling henchmen. A beautiful, enchanted butterfly leads them safely to the gates of Toyland, where they soon discover that the master toymaker is in a quandary himself. There may not be Christmas in Toyland either! He’s lost the formula for his magic potion that brings toys to life. The children and toymaker work together to find the formula in time for “you-know-who’s” famous sleigh ride around the world, and the old woman’s shoe is saved due to the toymaker’s clever and quick thinking.

Parts are available for adults and children. Six adult men are needed for character parts. One is a non-singing villain. Four others are singing parts: ruffians and a toymaker and his assistant. In addition, a young adult man, age 18-30, is needed to play the singing part of the hero. Three adult women are needed for characters of the widow and two others, all singing parts. Adults are also needed for the chorus of villagers and gypsies, who will sing and dance, and spiders and toy soldiers who dance only. Eight to ten children, ages 6-18, who portray the widow’s children, will need to sing. In addition, a children’s chorus of villagers and elves will need to sing and dance. Ballerinas who portray the butterfly and toy ballerinas, are also needed. They should be female teens or young adults.

Actors will need to present a monologue during the audition. They may bring one of their choice or use one which will be provided. Singers should prepare a song to perform. An accompanist will be available for those who wish to bring music. Following the individual monologues and songs, all will participate in readings from the script.

The show will be directed by John Rohlfing, assisted by Julie Rohlfing. Anyone wishing to help with the play in a non-acting position may come to tryouts, or contact Jackson County Community Theatre at, or 812-358-5228. Stage crew members, set builders, light and sound operators, costume builders, prop managers, ushers, and concession workers are all needed. No prior experience is needed for acting or any other job. Tickets for the show will be on sale November 1 at, Family Drug in Brownstown, and Artistic Impressions Framing in Seymour.


Ticket Information


September 25 and 26


Dec 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10
Directed by John Rohlfing 

Character / Actor

Barnaby–Frank Donnelly
Old Woman–Katrina Hardwick
Contrary Mary–Maggie Rohlfing
Tom-Tom–Paul Keller
Little Bo Peep–Bridget Bingham
Simple Simon–Max Machino
Curly Locks–Lucy Horton
Jack Be Nimble–Jake Bohn
Boy Blue–Jack Charlton
Roderigo–Bryce Osborne
Gonzorgo–Evan Rohlfing
Jack–Rylen Osborne
Jill–Lilly Charlton
Polly Kettle–Maddie Jones
The Pieman (Baker)–Michelle Elkins
Georgie Porgie–Reese Osborne
Jack Horner–Tyce Hardwick
Jack Sprat–Danny Stout
Mrs. Sprat–Katie Rohlfing
Old Mother Hubbard–Megan Keller
Dog–Derek Haas
Doctor Foster–Erica Bohn
Sally Waters–Emily Keller
Miss Muffet–Karen Haas
Lucy Locket–Claire Schepman
Gypsy Chorus–Alyssa Dusendang, Isabel Perez, Addisyn Osborne, Kalyn Ritz, Stephanie Sunderman, Lily Abdulbari
Spiders–Alyssa Dusendang, Kalyn Ritz, Stephanie Sunderman
Butterfly–Claire Schepman
Master Toymaker–Shawn Charlton
Dancing Dolls–Karen Haas, Claire Schepman, Salisha Roberson
Toy Soldier Chorus–Megan Keller, Danny Stout, Katie Rohlfing, Karen Haas, Michelle Elkins, Erica Bohn, Kalyn Ritz, Alyssa Dusendang, Maddie Jones
Elves–Jake Bohn, Rylen Osborne, Lilly Charlton, Reese Osborne, Emily Keller, Maggie Calhoun, Alyssa Haas, Annie Keller, Olivia Keller, Tyce Hardwick, Victoria Gomez
Towns Children–Maggie Calhoun, Alyssa Haas, Annie Keller 


Backstage and Set work

Annie Bingham–Assistant Director
 Catherine Horton–Stage Manager
Joe Bradley, Joel McGill, and Joe Reynolds–Set Work


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